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1075 Route 109
Lindenhurst, New York 11757

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Store Manager: Colin Scheerer
Sales Staff: Andrew, Lou, Larry, Rich, Tom, Andy, Danny, Greg
Engine Shop: Kevin, Jeff, Phil
Transmission Shop: Brian
Office: Kathy
Purchasing: Ernie

Kevin and JC build some of the fastest high Performance Engines on the Island. Performance Engines are a way of life at S-K Speed. It’s a tradition that has been happening since the early 50’S and will continue as long as cars are equipped with a gas peddle.

“We bought a Rottler Seat and Guide Machine after using other top brand machines”.

The top brand seat and machines just didn’t get the finishes and accuracy we required. They were good machines but we wanted perfect tolerances and chatter free seats on a variety of application ranging from 4 mm to 1/2 valve stems. The Rottler is by far superior in seat finishing and accuracy. Our production requirement change daily from soft to hard materials 62 Rockwell hard. The SGF8 breezes through these seats and holds .0002. Our Rottler cylinder boring equipment is built like a Sherman tank and holds tolerances year after year ever since the Mid 80’S. The Rottler SGF8 Seat and Guide machine is the heaviest built machine we have found just like our F2B cylinder boring machine is. The rugged casting, spindle design and heavy positive locking roll over fixture is unmatched. Our seat concentricity is easily held in the .0002 range. Hard seats are no match for this machine as are small diameter seats. After over 2 years in service our quality and time savings has allowed us to profit in the cylinder head business. This is largely owed to the accuracy and speed of our Rottler SGF8 Seat & guide machine. We expect to get many years of great service from this great machine.

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